Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Old man

A blocking pass for a short character test that I'm currently attempting using the Blik rig. The long term idea is to use the same rig to act out various other ages and emotions. I just wanted to share this to get some feedback before I go to far.

The rig below is called Morpheus and the one I originally started the test with. Unfortunately I had to drop it in favor of Blik due to my 8 year old laptop being a little to feeble to handle him. However I may still try some shorter dialogue or acting shots with him after getting more familiar with Maya again.


L ROSSI said...

Hey Hey! This is cool man! And I think if you plan to do different tests demonstrating various ages/personalities, this rig is much better as it's .... what's the word..... I don't know - non specific? No one can tell the 'character' based on how it looks, only on how it moves, and that's where your skills come in and shine! (also I like the 2nd angle more - feels better to me to show the hunched'ness :)
As for the questions 1) are you referring to when you rotate something a little bit, but it ends up actually having been rotated like 5 times so when you spline, it goes crazy? If so, theres are thing called Euler Filter in the graph editor you can just click and it solves it..... check out
and see his post on 'Gimbal Lock'. It's an awesome site.
I know nothing about scripts!
As for 2) I don't know :/

Geoff King said...

AhHa! thats it! The Euler Filter, Its all coming back to me now. And Ricky answered 2 for me so I'm all set. Thanks for your opinions too. I also prefer the 2nd shot but wondered if anyone else would say so! And I realised this basic rig was much better for the same reasons you mentioned.
I want to focus on some basic acting techniques and forget about actually animating.

Thanks :)

libra bear said...

hey Geoff, hope all is well. I think I like the first clip better, feels more intimate, animation wise they look amazing. Thats as far as I can go, I can't speak 3D yet