Thursday, 13 January 2011



L ROSSI said...

Yay, A post!
I really like the the two thumbnails for the person in a chair.... to be able to capture that with so few lines is really cool.

Geoff King said...

Thanks L! had to draw super fast to catch the other poses. One is half way through getting up, and the other is sitting down. tho i cant remember which is which now!

Hows Paris? Staying on for more projects?

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Geoff!!
Thank you for setting up the animation blog...
I had a thought... obviously for most people doing animation will take much longer than doing just a still illustration.. Just thought hat maybe on the animation blog you could maybe set monthly animation tasks... maybe a bit like the 11second club??
I dunno, im sure people have already said this to you, but hey if they haven't... im the first!! :P

Hope you are well?
Im seriously LOVING your facial animation test!!
its wicked!!
Please post more stuff soon!!!
Are you and Bethling working at the mo?
Hope you are both well, and hopefully we can catch up in London town again some time soon!!
Lots a loves, and big hugs to you both,


Geoff King said...

Thanks Tori!
The animation blog is a place to share animation as and when you have something to show. I had already thought of monthly topics but decided it wasn't the original intention of the blog. However I could raise the idea, see what people think? Another reason for not having regular topics was the extra maintenance of a second blog.
What ideas do you have for animation tasks?

Beth and I are currently waiting for new projects whilst working on personal stuff. We found a great life drawing class yesterday. I might have a go at the Feb 11secClub or do some other acting tests.

Could see you in London in a few weeks, we'll be back that way soon.

Thanks for your giamungus comment :D