Wednesday, 6 March 2013

30 days of animation

This month I decided to animate something everyday for 30 days.
Having fun so far!

Edit: progress update


Matt Timms said...

wanna see the animations! :)

Geoff King said...

I don't like spamming my vimeo with 3-4 second videos, so I prefer to make them into one.

You'll just have to wait! :)

Michael Brady said...

Can't wait until the end of the month, Geoff!

Space Pumpkin said...

Hiya cool animation
One question do you use a wacom tablet or a cintiq.

Hope not being too nosy.

Geoff King said...


I used an Intuos3 Wacom.

Carlos said...


I am just in love with animating things. One question, if I may ask, are you self-taught?... How many years did it take to you to became such a fine animator (at least I can see that in your 30days animations)

Thank you! :)

Geoff King said...

:) Thanks Carlos, very kind of you.

I went to Bournemouth (the AUB) to study animation. That was 8 years ago, it was a 3 year course. It's a great animation school but I also had to self teach and practice on the side.

Adrienne Mione said...

i know this was a long time ago but i just wanted to tell you that im very grateful you did this. This inspired me to do my own animation challenge which has helped me to improve a lot (I am self taught so most of my improvement comes from practice)

amazing animations by the way!