Sunday, 25 September 2011

More zoology studies

Another collection of animal studies.
This time from the zoology museum in Liege, Belgium.


"TORI CAT" said...

Great work Geoff!!
Its good to see you never tire of drawing horses and buffalo thingies!! :P

Ha ha, when i see anyone draw studies of animals in museums i always think back to that 'Animation Podcast' where (I Think its Dale Baer's interview) is being grilled in a portfolio review, that his animal drawings "Look Stiff?!!"
Hi answer to this is " Thats because they are stuffed!!!
It was too cold to go drawing at the zoo, so the only animals he could find to draw were in the museums!! Hee hee!!

Any ways, sorry about that (Im not saying your drawings look stiff!! :P hee hee
I really like the duck!! i can see character in it... Almost imagine him coming to life like a tim burton puppet!! :D

Hope u and beth are well?
Big hugs to you both :D

Geoff King said...

:) Thanks Tori, I think it was actually James Baxter that said that. They had a lot of stuffed animals too but I usually stick to drawing the skeletons because of that! Most of the stuffed animals are just wrong '_*

Hope you are well in your recovery. We're very well over here, we shall send you a message later on with more detail :D