Thursday, 14 July 2011

Drawing with light

Some attempts at light drawing for my "something new for 30 days" in which i'm taking a photo everyday for 30 days. On day 10 I had a go at light drawing, here are some of the results. It was much harder than I expected but also surprisingly addictive.


"TORI CAT" said...

That looks AMAZING Geoff!!!
How do you do it??
Do you need a special camera or torch??
I expect to see you animating your light drawings next!!
Hee hee :P

Geoff King said...

Crikey Tori! animating them!.. that sounds crazy, but you do tempt me to try! ;)

I used my standard little Cannon with a long shutter speed. I think it was 15", whatever that means, open for 15 seconds maybe. And i used the torch from my phone because i couldn't find a little torch anywhere. The camera does have to been still tho, I sat it on the window ledge.
I'm happy folks like the results. I was often disappointed with the results because they where so different to what i had imagined when drawing. But this also made me keep trying again till the early hours of the morning :)

Magnus Kråvik said...

Wow.. these are really nice! I've seen it done before with writing, but this was much cooler! 15" means 15 secs ;) I really like that you have almost (!) disapeared in the photo as well. There's only a hint of presence of the artist :) Nice work!

Kingjameshing said...

Heh these look pretty awesome Geoff

messytimbo said...

wow such a great result.

I have seen people animated with light drawings. but i'd love to see you do something man. please do some :)