Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pen Sketchery

Bunch of quick 5 second sketches
from around Luxembourg


"TORI CAT" said...

These are WICKED Geoff my boy!!!
MORE!!! i want to see more!!!
Great expression and life, especially for 5 seconds!!
I think the person walking the scottie dog is my favorite!!! (love my animals!!)
Keep up the fab work!!! :)
By the way, thank you for helping us out on Tim's project. I havnt seen your final version of your shot coz im back at Uli's now, but Laurent tell's me, its looking Shweeeet!!
Hope you and beth are both well?
Please send her my love and both me and rossi hope to see you some time soon. IF we can ever find a spare weekend thats not filled with work, house hunting, family visits, hospitals, moving house and more working, we'd love to come over to lux and pay you fine folk a visit!!
take good care,
Lots a loves and big hugs,

Maïckel Pasta said...

Incredible ! Your sketches and animations are awesome :')