Friday, 29 January 2010

The Illusionist revealed

You can watch the Berlin Festival Interview
with film footage and see some more
high quality stills HERE.

Four years in the making and delayed several
times, The Illusionist will finally distribute to
cinemas later this year.

The crowd in this still happens to be the earliest
piece I animated for the film.

Many other AIB alumni helped to make this
film, from the animatic, backgrounds,
animation, clean up, ink and paint.

Be sure to catch this film
when its out!!! and buy the dvd!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the final piece! Do you know when the dvd is out??


Geoff King said...

Sorry, i have no idea when the dvd will be released, i hope its not to long after the cinema release.

Nicola Coppack said...

congrats!!! it looks lovely and you got to do the crowd thats so cool ^^

Geoff King said...

thanks nic^-^ the crowd was the first of a few. I had one shot to myself with 5 characters! and i think one very small character throughout the film, tho shes only in two or three shots, im not sure