Sunday, 29 November 2009

Blacksad (WIP)

First rough pass for a personal project. Think i'll have a second pass over it for tie down and inbetweens, ive noted to make shoulders wider but all comments very welcome.


fedemilella said...

Can't wait to see the final result

Callum said...

great stuff Geoff, very naturalistic...well, other than the character being some kind of cat!

Christian Stephan Retzlaff said...

hmm. this looks like a bad copy of Milt Kahls scene of Roger in 101 Dalmations :)

No TieDown ever follwed. Did this project die?

Geoff King said...

Thanks Christian, very unequivocal as usual, but I do agree.
I thought id try to reference his scene, I realised my mistake after though i did learn from it!
If I do pick up this shot again I plan on changing it, but for now im focusing on acting and character in other tests,.. and only referencing first hand. much betterer! :)

Geoff King said...

I thought i'd just mention that in this test I approached it with three different methods. The first third, from desk to picking up jacket was invented without reference, just straight ahead as I would normally start my scenes. The second, putting on of jacket, I used Milt Kahl's scene of Roger in 101 Dalmatians as reference. Which I later thought was a bad idea. The third, opening door to the end of scene, I filmed myself and used that as reference.